Indoor environmental consultancy services by Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE)

Indoor Air Quality Assessments


Carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), temperature, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust (PM10), and inorganic gases amongst others.


of air-conditioning and ventilation systems to assess the condition, efficiency, location as well review of the design of the system and how this may influence the indoor area. This may also include measurements of airflow rates and calculation of air exchanges.

Air sampling

for characterization and quantification of airborne mould spores.

Environmental Compliance Auditing

Audits and Gap Analyses

against ISO 14001 or internal environmental management plans.

Industrial Hygiene & Indoor Air Quality

Testing for fungi, bacteria, factors causing Sick Building Syndrome, asbestos, lead, and fibreglass.

OSHA Compliance Audits and IAQ inspections

About Our Assessments

In all assessments, recommendations are provided to mitigate any negative effects and improve the quality of indoor air. In order to maintain quality and integrity of monitoring and measurements, all relevant quality control documents such as calibration certificates and chain of custody forms will be included in reports.

Energy Audits & Assessments

Energy audits evaluate energy usage within a facility, and identify energy saving opportunities. In its commitment to promote green practice and technology, Ecozia provides this assessment service to help our clients optimize the efficiency of their buildings. We measure, log, analyse and model consumption patterns to derive a profile of your organization’s energy usage. Our experience also allows us to present viable strategies and solutions, to capitalize on savings opportunities identified in our assessment.

The main objectives of the energy audit process are:

  • To determine the client’s energy consumption baseline
  • To derive energy used by the various operations;
  • To establish a benchmark with similar facilities under similar weather conditions; and
  • To identify any energy cost saving opportunities.

Energy audits vary in depth and detail, depending on the client’s site and potential to execute energy projects. Ecozia patterns its’approach after industry standards:

Basic Audit

Walk-through site survey that identifies glaring energy waste or inefficiency. The information gathered is detailed in an initial energy analysis report outlining low-cost/no-cost measures, and potential capital improvements for further study.

Intermediate Audit

More detailed analysis combined with preliminary analysis from the Basic Audit. Procedure includes energy calculations and financial analysis of proposed energy efficiency measures. These provide the facility owner with comprehensive understanding of the financial benefits of implementing specific energy efficiency measures.

• Advanced Audit

Expanding on Basic and Intermediate audits, the engineering analysis required at this level focuses on the potential capital-intensive projects previously identified.