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Ecozia Green Building Solutions is an environmental company that has been specialising in the business of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions for over 10 years. Our speciality is offering customized solutions, specific to the IAQ issue of the building/industry. We provide the widest range of (Air Filtration MERV/HEPA) and UV Air and Surface Purification systems for HVAC(Air Conditioning ) available. We also provide complimentary services for this such as Certified IAQ Testing, Duct Cleaning etc. Currently, we serve some of the largest companies in the Caribbean across various segments including Commercial, Light-Industrial and Residential markets.

Added Bonus: Significantly reduce recurring Building operation expenditure
The return on investment on an IAQ system pays for itself over time. Installing these systems result in savings over time in reduced electricity costs, ac maintenance and repairs and other operational costs. IAQ solutions also increases the life-cycle of expensive AC equipment, protecting that investment over time. 

We would like the opportunity to meet and to discuss your IAQ/Facilities needs.This is with a view to discussing the viability of some of the solutions mentioned here and other options customized to your requirements. We guarantee you will achieve significant tangible and intangible benefits from the solutions provided. 

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